my favorite authors

i have to say when reading books and many of them you become very focused on certain series and authors. You want the author to draw you and and hold you to the suspence, through the novel. wether it be romance, which i preffer, young adult fiction, which i also prefer or just the good old non fiction, you want the novel to have depth and suspence.

when i put all this togther i think of many authors that i have read over the year and i can think of a few:
1) Lynsay sands – she has to be one of my favorite romance novels. Her storys are captivating and leaves you laughing through out the novel. she has a writing style that is great and very refreshing. her novels include Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series and her companion novels. her novels are a quick read because they are so great they are hard to put down.

2) gena showalter – is no means second she is right up there with Lynsay in first she story are amazing and well written. she leaves your emotions in turmoil as she hold the suspence till the end. she is a very sensual and delighful writer, her books are a never miss on the shelf. i can never wait for the next one to come out. her novels inculde the lords of the underworld, the alienhuntress, otherworld assasians, angles of the dark and intertwined, she has also come out with the white rabbit chronicles which is a twist of the alice in wonderland, which i simply adored the first book and cant wait for the second to come out.

3) Sherrilyn Kenyon- with the chronicles of nick, the dream warriors, dark hunters, and the league and her best selling novels and i completly understand why. the chronicles on nick for the young adult was riverting and had me sitting on the end on my seat as the story progressed. my absolute favorite series for the romance side would have to be the league searies, where there is a group of warriors called the sentilla try to right the wrong doings to the leagues. these books leave you hooked from the start. she is also one of my first next to lynsay and gena. she captivates, shes funny and charming, then leaves you crying at the end with such beautiful writing.

4) laorissa ione – with the denomica series and the four riders of the apocolpsy. her whole twist on the world ending by four riders trying to saved the world should be a fanomion, it is beautifuly written and very heart wrenching. her book are made to bring you in and to very put it down, but when you finnish it makes you demand more.

5) Kresley Cole – Immortals after dark is a heartwrenching series about the valkerie, and lycan looking for there sole mates, as well as vampires and many other mythological creatures. she writes as if they were here in real live playing about. her riting is sensual and dark in places and cheerfuly hularious and very injoyable. her raomnces are heartwrenching and captivating and another other that is hard to put down once you have started.

6) Jaci Burton – the play by play series is funny, heartwrenching, enjoyable and a very great read. this series is about the riley family and how they go about getting their love lives fixed to find that perfect someone thats out there somewhere. her would have to be another top choose as i can never put them down when i start. her writing hits close to home for many and thats why she is such a great writter.

these are only a few of my top romance authors. i hope to post soon a review of the books that i have read from each authos as well as my favorite young adult authors and their creation with their own reviews.